How To Change Colours When Crocheting

Do you love the look of vibrant colourful crochet pieces? Are you a crafter who is shy to change colours in your projects? Read more to learn how.
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Welcome to the fourth installment of the Learn To Crochet With The Ruthless Crafter series. So far we have learned about the Basic Tools And Materials For Learning To Crochet, What Are The Different Types Of Crochet Stitches?, How To Start, Work, And End A Straight Piece In Crochet. Now today we will learn how to change colours when crocheting.

Why Use Multiple Colours?

Adding different colours to your project adds visual interest. It may be intimidating if you don’t know the basics of crochet, so be sure that you are comfortable with one colour before you attempt to add in more. You can start with the foundation lessons that I mentioned in the introduction to this article above.

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Choose Your Colours

Once you’ve decided on your project, make sure that you’ve considered your colours and where you want to use them in your project.

If you are following a pattern, you can use the colours they suggest or get creative and make up your own combinations. Just be sure to be consistent to use your “Colour A” with theirs so your piece somewhat resembles the project you fell in love with enough to decide to make it on your own.

If you are making your own colourwork project, decide how much of each colour and where you will place it before you begin crocheting. This will help ensure that the vision you have in your mind will translate into your actual finished piece.

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How Do You Switch Colours?

Whether you are working in the round or on a straight piece, and no matter what stitch you choose, the technique to change colours is the same. Always change your yarn on the last pull through of your stitch where you want the new colour to begin.

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How Do You Change Colours In Crochet Without Tails Or Loose Ends?

Ah yes, the dreaded “weaving in the ends” that most crocheters face when finishing a project – especially one that has had many colour changes. You either love this task or dread it. I’m of the camp that dreads it.

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Since I avoid weaving in as much as I can, I figured out a way to weave in as I go.

What magic is this you ask? It’s the kind that will save you hours and hours of darning is what it is!

Essentially I change the yarn colours and cut the yarn I’m finished with leaving about a three-inch tail. Make sure you are cutting the right colour!

Then I place the tail of along the stitches I’m about to crochet into and make sure that I capture them as I work my project as usual.

Important: If you are doing a fair isle or consistently need both colours, do NOT do this step.

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How Do You Crochet Two Colours Together?

Let’s say that you are working on a project that requires you to consistently change colours so you don’t what to cut it, but you’re not sure how to work with it in your project. How do you do this?

Making sure that you use the technique above to change the colours WITHOUT CUTTING, be sure to “carry the yarn” as you go.

Be careful that you don’t tangle the yarn colours over each other or you will end up with a big knot.

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“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”

Georgia O’Keeffe

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Until next time, may the yarn be with you.


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