Valentine’s Day Preschool Activity Printables

Get these free Valentine's Day preschool activity pack to engage your little ones as they learn to write, graph, and count.
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Today we’re sharing a printable Valentine’s Day preschool activity pack for your child(ren) to practice basic cognitive and motor tasks while also improving their penmanship.

Children who participate in hands-on learning by actually doing and experiencing something learn by observing, copying, and experimenting with their hands and body.

For instance, they may count cubes and sort objects to understand mathematical concepts, rather than just being taught the theory via books or pencil and paper exercises.

Learning through play has been proven to be the most important way of learning new skills until a child reaches school age and beyond.

Candy Heart Placements

valentine's day preschool activity 1

Placement activities assist children with their motor skills and can teach them to recognize and use patterns which is an essential part of math education.

Activities like this Candy Heart one will start children with basic shape and colour recognition. Using candy hearts keeps Valentine’s Day the focus and also serves as a sweet treat to eat!

Arrow-in-Heart Grid Drawing

valentine's day preschool activity 2

Tracing this Arrow-in-Heart Grid is another engaging Valentine’s Day preschool activity the kids will love. Grid games teach counting and number identification. Encourage your child to trace or copy the shapes free-hand. They can get creative by adding colours as well!

Handwriting Worksheets

valentine's day preschool activity 3

Tracing activities are perfect for improving a child’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination. It also helps refine their fine motor skills as they learn to recognize and write letters.

We hope you and your children enjoy this Valentine’s Day preschool activity pack. We carefully crafted a variety of math, writing, and fun for a well-rounded fun learning experience for your family.

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