Toilet Paper Bracelet Craft

This simple yet imaginative toilet paper bracelet will inspire your children as they design their own jewelry. Keep reading for the materials list...
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Mum To Mum has created a simple yet creative Toilet Paper Craft Bracelet.

Before we get to the craft, let me tell you a little more about Marina. She’s a mum of two daughters who are her constant inspiration.

She stays home with them and blogs about her experiences and the new tricks she learns so that she can help other moms around the world.

Her mission is to give others comfort and hope as she shares her thoughts and experiences about kids, health, infertility, shopping, emotions, and more.

Now to the craft… this child-friendly craft will have your children begging to craft with you over and over again.

toilet paper bracelet image of two finished bracelets on wrists.

Bracelet Materials Needed

  • toilet paper roll
  • scissors
  • watercolors, crayons, or whatever you have the desire to paint with – you can even cut the little papers in color and glue them on the roll… it’s totally up to you. Use your imagination


  1. Cut the toilet paper roll diagonally
  2. Paint as desired, or glue some shiny paper cuts… whatever comes to your kid’s mind
  3. Voila`!

Such a simple thing to do but the results are amazing.

Marina’s daughter was so proud of her work that she now plans to do it with her friends when they have a play date.

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Time to start collecting toilet paper and paper towel rolls! Do you think you and your family will enjoy designing a bracelet or two?

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This article was originally published on October 1, 2021, on the Mum To Mum blog.

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