T-Shirt Quilt Final Reveal

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The past few days I have gone over the process of how to prepare your shirts, how to lay them out to tell a story, how to sash the shirts to make a top and today is the Alpha Omega sorority t-shirt quilt final reveal!

T-Shirt Quilt Final Reveal Front

You will notice that the sashing is green and the binding is gold – the thread is also agolden colour if you can see it. These are Alpha Omega’s colours and my client was really excited to have these colours represented.

For those who are wondering, I used the “bumpity” pantograph pattern on the quilt. It’s a favourite of mine and my clients.

T-Shirt Quilt Final Reveal Back

Learn From My Experience

As with most projects, there are some areas in the creating that I would change next time.

First, this quilt used 16 shirts on the top and 8 shirts on the back. I would not do a double-sided t-shirt quilt again because the double interfacing made it too difficult to quilt. I ended up using a stronger needle (100 – DENIM) and that seemed to work.

Also, I would recommend a light weight interfacing instead of a medium weight to make it easier to quilt through.

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