Ingenious Crochet Roast Turkey Hat: Perfect for Festive Celebrations

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Who says Thanksgiving has to be serious? This crochet roast turkey with vegetables crochet hat pattern is perfect to wear at the table!
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What do people in North America think of first when it comes to Thanksgiving? That’s right, it’s usually a turkey and some delicious roasted veggies – we can’t leave those out!

It’s important to remember that vegetables are good for us, even on fun holidays like Thanksgiving. So, while we’re enjoying our favourite Turkey Day dishes, let’s not forget our healthy and tasty veggies too!

This funny crochet roast turkey hat idea comes from two favourite TV shows. Mr. Bean wore one, and so did Monica on Friends. You might wonder why Monica, who doesn’t like germs, would put a raw turkey on her head. But that’s another story. It was just so funny that it had to go into the Gobble ‘Til You Wobble Thanksgiving Collection!

Can you imagine wearing this fun hat at your Thanksgiving or even Christmas dinner?

Dazzle Friends and Family with a Fun Turkey Hat for Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners

It would be pretty cool, right? You would stand out from the crowd and everyone would notice your unique and funny hat. It could even become a fun tradition — wearing this Turkey hat every holiday season.

This is a really exciting idea!

a model wearing the crochet roast turkey hat showing the back of the turkey with crochet veggies surrounding it.

This hat pattern comes in three sizes, so it can fit toddlers, kids, and tweens

Discover the Fun of Crocheting Your Own Turkey Hat

If you create a roast turkey hat with veggies using this guide, please email your photos. I would love to share your great work on social media.

When emailing, make sure to use “Roasted!” as your subject. Include your name and social media usernames so I can make sure to give you credit. Also, do tell us who you made it for and why you decided to make it.

Remember, crafting is more fun when we can share what we’ve made with others!

This crochet turkey hat is fun and easy. I hope you enjoy making your own turkey hat! You can get your copy of this crochet roast turkey hat pattern here.

This article was originally published on October 23, 2019.

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