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Herbie The Crochet Monster Hat

CAD $29.99

Herbie The Crochet Monster Hat, meticulously handcrafted for the curious and the creative, promises a cozy, quirky tribute to lunar lovers, budding scientists, and those who dare to stand out with their distinct, stylish charm.


Introducing Herbie The Crochet Monster Hat – a nod to geeks, nerds, and everything quirky in between! Born to celebrate the wins of a 14-year-old moon-child, Herbie, this hat combines science, silence, and some serious style.


Cherishing the dark side of the moon, Herbie delights in scientific pursuits. Likewise, this cozy hat indulges in the mystique of dark shades, adding a dash of enigma to fun-filled days.


Can you hear the rumble of lava volcanoes? Herbie’s passion for concocting messy experiments seeps into this hat, promising a bustling cauldron of awesomeness.


Three younger brothers might be too much chaos for Herbie, but this hat knows how to handle wild adventures. It’s got your little scientist’s back while they voraciously feed their curiosity without pesky interruptions.


How can we forget Pedro Simon, Herbie’s steadfast moon rock companion? The Crochet Monster Hat is infused with the essence of that strong, silent nature so your child can explore and learn peacefully.


While Herbie’s father, the orthodontist, tries to straighten his smile, Herbie flaunts his gaps with an air of mystique. This Monster Hat takes a leaf out of his book, stirring in a dash of enchanting charm to every kid’s attire.

Intricate Craftsmanship

Meticulously handcrafted, Herbie The Crochet Monster Hat is an ode to dedication and creativity. With each loopy stitch, the hat embraces the spirit of tireless scientific exploration.


Capable of sparking intrigue, this crochet hat adds a touch of mystery to your child’s wardrobe, becoming the go-to accessory for their next scientific adventure.


Herbie refuses to hide his gapped smile and so should your little one. Just like Herbie, this Monster Hat teaches the value of embracing uniqueness and celebrating individuality with style.


With scientific passion overflowing, Herbie The Crochet Monster Hat is a quintessential gift to budding Einsteins, amiable introverts, and mischievous souls who put their heads together to unravel the unknown.


Herbie The Crochet Monster Hat is a snug, handcrafted homage to quiet intellectuals, moon rock aficionados, and aspiring scientists. It’s time to embrace the enigma and enjoy some alone time with Herbie, all while looking cool and staying cozy!

Note: The beauty of hand-made items is the charming variations they exhibit. Slight differences in yarn colour and pattern are simply the Crochet Monster Hat’s way of springing delightful surprises.


Want to make it yourself but need the supplies with the pattern? Herbie’s kit can be found here

Have the materials but just want the pattern? Herbie’s pattern can be found here


Listing is for hat only, props not included.

All hats are handcrafted with love in our Ontario, Canada home-based smoke-free and pet-free studio.

Due to the handmade nature of our products, there may be some variation in yarn colour and pattern placement.


Our knit and crochet character hats are available in many sizes. Please check for specific measurements to ensure you order the proper size hat.

Care Instructions

The Ruthless Crafter’s products are made to be used and well-loved.

How to care for your hat:
1. Simply machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Never bleach.
2. For best results, lay flat to air dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to be absolutely happy with your purchase. Before you order, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for the most up-to-date timelines, company shipping, return policies, etc.

Please contact us if you have any problems with your order.

Picture of About The Designer

About The Designer

Elizabeth Ruth owns The Ruthless Crafter. She knits and crochets character hats, designs patterns, and is the author of children’s books that tell each character’s story.

She lives in Kitchener, Ontario CANADA with her husband and two children.In 2017, she debuted her first collection of crochet monster hat patterns and limited edition pieces. This collection was featured on news sources that include Yahoo!, NBC, CBS, & USA TODAY.

Additional information

Weight4 oz
Dimensions12 × 12 × 2 in

0 to 3 Months, 3 to 6 Months, 6 to 12 Months, 1 to 4 Years, 5 to 10 Years, Teen or Adult, Large Adult


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