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Looking for some physical activities for kids when you're stuck indoor? These are three that come with free printables to track your progress.
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Kids seem to have endless energy. Especially in the winter when they can’t go outside as easily, we want to get them moving with these physical activities for kids to get their sillies out. 

With all of the distractions of modern life, it may seem like kids are going outside less and less.  Thankfully, there are a number of different physical activities that will keep your kids having fun and excited to exercise.
Each of the activities below includes printables to go along with them as your family tries them.

Connect The Dots

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Each of these physical activities for kids in this series is meant to be done 10 times. When each activity is done, connect the dots between the numbers assigned to each one.

Dots 1-6 – Jump Rope

  • Jump with both feet, pretending like you’re jumping rope.

Dots 7-14 – Elbow to Knee

  • Touch your left knee to your left elbow, then touch your right knee to your right elbow.

Dots 15-20 – Mummy Kicks

  • Raise your arms in front of you and kick out your legs, crossing your arms every kick.

Dots 21-26 – Side Lunges

  • Put your legs together and lunge to the left, keeping your right leg straight. Repeat for your other side, doing five lunges on each side.

Dots 27-32 – Star Jacks

  • Squat and jump, spreading your arms and legs out like a jumping jack. Land back down in a squatting position.

Dots 33-39 – Squat Punch

  • While squatting, punch your arms out in front of you.

Dots 40-45 – Tire Jumps

  • Jump on one leg, then the other like you’re jumping between tires.

Bingo Burst

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Each of these physical activities for kids is to be done for 30 seconds. Once they’re finished, colour in the letter respective to the exercise.

B – Burpees

  • Jump and land in a squat, then jump into a plank. Jump again, bringing your feet to your hands, and stand up.

I – Inchworms

  • Lower your torso and walk your hands out into a plank position. When you’re planking, walk your feet to your hands. Alternate walking your feet to your hands and your hands to your feet.

N – Narrow-Knee Squats

  • Put your feet together and squat like you’re going to sit down. Repeat.

G – Gallop in a Circle

  • Gallop, leading with one foot and dragging the other behind. Switch legs after 15 seconds.

O – Over the Hurdle

  • Imagine that there’s a short hurdle in front of you. Start running and jump over it, leading with a different foot every time.

100 Point Challenge

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The 100 point challenge involves 20 different challenges that you can choose from. Each challenge is worth a certain amount of points. Once you’ve completed the challenge, add up your points and calculate your score! Use the respective printable to keep track of your points.

  1. Try to score as many points as you can in one hour.
  2. See if you can score more than 100 points in a single day. Spreading these activities out throughout the day can help keep you energized and awake.
  3. Grab a partner and try to score as many points as you can together or try to get to 100 as fast as you can.

After you’ve engaged in these physical activities for kids, you can do some quieter activities such as these Educational Seaside Activities For Little Ones.

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