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Elizabeth Ruth

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My Guest Speaker Gig

I recently discovered podcasts. I love how you can search for any topic and find a plethora of shows. When I first started I discovered “Canadian Quilt Talk”. Brandy Lynn has a way of asking just the question that I’m thinking as the guest is discussing their expertise.

Canadian Quilt Talk is a weekly online podcast that aims to inspire quilters and fibre artists alike with tips, tricks and the latest products.” (source)

It is with great pleasure that today I am the guest speaker on Brandy Lynn’s show, discussing tips for quilters who are considering taking their quilt top to a long arm quilter.

Here is the preview blog post that introduces me: “Tuesday Preview – Canadian Quilt Talk Episode # 75“.

Here is the link to the podcast: “Episode 075 Canadian Quilt Talk – Elizabeth Ruth Long Arm Tips“.

I’d love to know, what is your favourite part about my interview?

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  1. Elizabeth, you did so well on the podcast. You provided the listeners with a lot of great information to consider before they complete their quilt top. I enjoyed your referal to the quilting bees that the ladies in the community held years ago. I’m glad to see that most quilting guilds today still help those in the community who are less fortunate. Thankfully some things remain the same. I also enjoy the time we spend together encouraging our quilting habit. We will miss our yearly excursion to Greg’s store, but Jan Melissa & I still hope to check out the deals. Is there anything you need?

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