The Ruthless Crafter introduces new crochet character hat line

Elizabeth Ruth’s premier line of endearing crochet monster hat patterns, kits & limited edition hats is expected to be one of the most talked about collections.

KITCHENER, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 13, 2017 — Elizabeth Ruth from The Ruthless Crafter is thrilled to release her premiere Monster’s Ball Collection of lively, colourful and imaginative monster hats designed to inspire crocheters and to encourage children to enter a world of carefree monster merriment everywhere on August 20, 2017.

The Ruthless Crafter is known for helping families and crocheters express their playful side and this collection does not disappoint. Thus, for the first time, a curious quartet of monsters are ready to meet you. Herbie the scientist, Spike the skateboarding rebel, and Hazel & Henry, the twin artists, are delightful creatures that each come with individual bios to tell their story.

The monster patterns and kits are designed to showcase each maker’s talent while enticing crocheters to put their own stamp of creativity on each monster.

Several products come in the 2017 Pantone colour of the year, greenery, to capitalize on today’s trends. Our kits and hats use locally made Koigu luxurious merino superwash wool. This wool is spun from the finest merino sheep in the world and is plied for durability. This lightweight wool is soft, silky, and retains the natural elasticity of merino. In addition to being natural and biodegradable, merino wool is very soft, breathable, sleek, elegant and exceptionally stylish. In contrast to synthetics, merino reacts to changes in body temperature and helps you stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot. It’s also exquisite to work with.

Elizabeth Ruth is excited to welcome her fans to the new handmade product line collection they’ve been requesting.

About The Ruthless Crafter

Elizabeth Ruth started designing the Monster’s Ball Collection after she was faced with a very real problem. Many of the existing character hats were made from acrylic yarn and she was looking for a better alternative that was locally sourced and would make a fascinating, quality hat. After many months of creating The Monster’s Ball Collection by hand, Elizabeth Ruth’s products started gaining notoriety amongst the members of the crochet industry.

Elizabeth Ruth is a crochet designer and online shop owner of The Ruthless Crafter in Kitchener, Ontario CANADA. Known for using bursts of colour in her creations, her patterns are perfect for crocheters seeking to create playful pieces. She loves to work with merino wool and partners with local wool makers and dyers to carefully select colour palettes that produce quality pieces for her customers. Find her online at

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