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Looking for a creative way to reuse stickers your stickers over and over? Get the free printable to make your own.
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Stickers are the great unifier of crafting. We go from kids who plaster stickers all over, to adults who use them to decorate laptops, water bottles, and their paper planners. We can’t seem to resist. Stickers are one of many ways we use our imagination to get creative.

Stickers have one downside, though. Once they’re placed, there’s no going back. Or so you thought. I have a genius new trick for creating a DIY sticker book where you can reuse stickers to your heart’s desire. From indecisive kids to sticker-loving adults, this is a DIY gamechanger.

What You’ll Need To Reuse Your Stickers

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Our trick here is going to be lining our pages with wax paper. It is way easier to peel stickers off a waxy surface than traditional paper, so this allows you to re-imagine with your stickers as often as you like.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cardstock (8.5 x 11 sheets for a standard-sized book, any colour you want)
  • Wax paper (transparent, not brown)
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher
  • Twine or string
  • Double-sided tape
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Ruler

Step 1: Decorate Your Cover

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The best part about a book that lets you reuse stickers is that you get to design the cover. Let your kids go crazy here. If you think your kids will want to go sticker-crazy on the cover, consider using wax paper here too. Otherwise, you can keep the cover as-is.

If your kids are more interested in designing the inside of the book than the cover, you can download this cover to get started.

Step 2: Use The Wax Paper Trick

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If you want some guidance on content to add to your reuse stickers book, I’ve got some downloadable activity pages that you can print on your cardstock ahead of time.

Here’s how I execute my magic wax paper trick.

  1. Grab as many pieces of cardstock as you want for your activity book
  2. Cut out enough wax paper sheets in the same size as the cardstock to cover both sides of all pages
  3. Secure wax paper to all corners of the cardstock using double-sided tape

PRO TIP: You may want to save a couple of pages for drawing where the wax paper is only secured on one side for easy access to the cardstock below. But keep in mind that the wax paper is more likely to wrinkle or rip if it’s not secured on all sides.

Step 3: Bind Your Reusable Sticker Book

How you decide to bind your book depends on its length. If your activity book is on the shorter side, you might be able to get away with stapling it together. Otherwise, here’s a sturdier way to bind your book with twine.

  1. Measure and mark four evenly spaced dots along the side of your book that you’d like to bind
  2. Hole punch at each dot
  3. Thread your twine as demonstrated above using the Japanese four-hole method or cut a small length of twine to tie off at each hole for a simpler look.

How Can Adults Reuse Stickers?

I’m not going to judge anyone who decides to make their own reusable sticker book as an adult. But, there are also other ways that you can work this trick into your routine. Try using this wax paper trick on your existing planner or journal if you want to add some creativity to your life with stickers.

No matter what age you are, enjoy your sticker crafts and keep the fun going with your DIY sticker book!

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