How To Tell A Story with Your Shirt Layout

How to Tell a Story with your Shirt Layout

How to Tell a Story with your Shirt Layout

Welcome to the third blog post in our how to make a t-shirt quilt series. Today we are talking about how to tell a story with your shirt layout and how to consider what order to place them in.

In the case of this Alpha Omega sorority t-shirt quilt that we’ve been working on in the series, if a t-shirt has sayings on the front and the back. For example, one shirt says ”You can wish on a shooting star…” on the front while the back reads “Or rush Alpha Omega and make your dreams come true.” I felt it was important to have the messages close together so you could read the story but then I also had to consider the colors. I didn’t really want to have two yellows up at the top when there’s no other yellow in the rest of the quilt. So I decided to do it diagonal – you can still read the shirt as it was intended but it also breaks up the colors a little bit.

How to Tell a Story with your Shirt Layout

What to Consider When Laying Out Your Shirts:

● The design
● How large the font was on each of the shirts
● What were the colorways
● If there were any messages or chronological order that I needed to consider.


After a little rearranging here and there, I have my final layout.

If I’ve inspired you to make your own t-shirt quilt, please leave a comment below!

I also want to remind you that I offer longarm quilting and binding services if you are confident to piece the top but unsure of how to complete it OR, if I’ve gotten you really excited about this but you have no clue how to sew or just don’t want to attempt it, then I can do the entire t-shirt quilt for you!

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