Hat Size Chart

Getting the Perfect Fit

Top off your personal style with a perfect-fitting hat. Finding your hat size has never been this easy!

Understanding your correct hat measurement isn’t only about fashion. It’s also about comfort. While a hat too small might leave you with unwanted pressure, a hat too large can easily lose its perch with a gust of wind.

Through this guide, we aim to help you curate your perfect style with our step-by-step instructions on how to measure your head at home. This is an easy process that only requires a flexible tape measure and our handy sizing chart (below) for reference.

We believe in making fashion easy and personalized. No more struggling with ill-fitted hats when you follow these tips to find the perfect size hat for your head.

Your Guide to Measuring Your Head

Picking up a wrong-sized hat often leads to discomfort and lack of style. But no worries, we can help you obtain the correct hat size right at home. It’s simple — you only need a flexible tape measure.

Position The Tape Correctly

Place the starting end of the tape measure in the middle of your forehead, slightly above your eyebrows and ears. If you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string.

front and side view showing where to measure head for a hat

Measure Your Head

Wrap the tape gently around your head, making sure not to pull too tight. You should measure the largest part of your head to get an accurate measurement.

Record The Measurement

Look at the tape measure and write down your head’s circumference in inches.


To ensure accuracy, repeat the process a couple of times.

Hat Size Chart

After taking your measurements, refer to the hat size chart listed below to find your perfect hat size.

hat size chart

Wrapping Up: A Perfectly Fitted Hat Awaits!

And there you have it – an easy, foolproof guide to measuring your head and finding the perfect size for your next hat.

Say goodbye to discomfort or constant adjusting of a misfit hat. Now, no matter the style or occasion, you can make informed and confident choices, knowing that your hat not only elevates your entire look but also guarantees unparalleled comfort.

With all this information on hand, stepping out in style has never been easier. Best of all, you can repeat this process each time you want to buy a new hat from our extensive and fashionable range.

At last, stylish, comfortable, and well-fitted hats are no longer hard to find. They’re probably already on your head! After all, the perfect hat isn’t just an accessory — it’s a style statement. So, go ahead and order the perfect hat with confidence. Your perfectly fitted accessory awaits!

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