Create Love-Filled Gifts with These Adorable Crochet Heart Patterns

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Discover free crochet heart patterns for charming gifts and décor! Plus get inspired to get creative with your hand-crafted hearts.
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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and there’s no better time to craft heartfelt presents for your loved ones. One sweet and sentimental idea to consider: crochet hearts. Not only are they fun and easy to make, but they’ll also allow you to express your love and affection uniquely and creatively. In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the best crochet heart patterns that you can find online, as well as tips on how to create beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts.

Spread the Love with Crochet Heart Patterns

There’s something extra special about a hand-crafted gift, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. By using crochet heart patterns, you can turn these adorable hearts into various accessories, decor items, and much more. Here is a fantastic collection of free crochet heart patterns you can use as a starting point for your creative journey.

photos of crochet heart patterns
  1. 3D Crochet Amigurumi Heart from Crochet 365 Knit Too
  2. Easy Crochet Heart Pattern in 3 sizes by Sarah Maker
  3. Love Heart Free Crochet Pattern by Cilla Crochet
  4. Crochet Tiny Heart by Hooked By Robin
  5. Love Hearts by PlanetJune

Hearts in Hand: Creative Uses for Your Crochet Masterpieces

Finally, you’ve got a collection of beautiful crochet hearts! So what can you do with them now?

Keychains and Charms

A small crochet heart is a perfect way to add a touch of love to a practical gift. You can find various keychain and charm crochet heart patterns that provide simple instructions and helpful step-by-step guides. Attach the finished heart to a keychain ring or a ribbon to create a sweet accessory that your loved one can carry everywhere.


Appliques are small crochet pieces that can be stitched onto clothes, bags, and other fabric items. They’re a great way to personalize and decorate your belongings with a touch of handmade charm. You can follow the same crochet heart patterns listed above to create appliques and stitch them onto any article of clothing that needs a little love.

Stuffed Hearts

Valentine’s Day plushies don’t always have to be teddy bears or other typical animals. You can create your own heart-shaped softies by using amigurumi techniques. Stuff your crochet hearts with cotton or polyester filling, and you’ll have a cuddly, squeezable gift in no time.

Heart-Themed Decor

Deck your home with love by using crochet heart patterns to create decorative pieces like garlands, wreaths, and wall hangings. Combine different sizes, colours, and styles of crochet hearts to make a fun and festive display.

The possibilities are infinite! Each crochet heart can be a token straight from your heart, carrying a piece of the warmth and love that you put into crafting it. They’re more than just a craft, they’re a unique, heartfelt expression of your affection. So go ahead, fill the world around you with the charm of these crochet tokens of love!

Mastering the Art of Crochet

To complete these crochet heart patterns, you need to have a basic understanding of crochet stitches and techniques. Thankfully, The Ruthless Crafter offers several resources, including our Knit Crochet Chat Facebook Group. This community supports beginners and experts alike.

We also have Learn To Crochet tutorials that include:

Once you’ve grasped the basics, creating your crochet heart patterns will be a breeze.

Making Memories with Specially-Crafted Gifts

Putting your time and love into creating handmade crochet heart patterns is not only an enjoyable hobby, but it’s also a meaningful way to express how much you care. These hearts can be a constant reminder of the love and warmth you share with your favourite people.

Furthermore, you can add a personal touch by selecting materials and colours that hold a special significance for you and the person receiving the gift. For a one-of-a-kind creation, consider adding their initials or a memorable date to the finished piece.

Check out even more crochet patterns and discover new projects that can add love, joy, and creativity to your life.

This article was originally published on January 26, 2015.

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