Educational Seaside Activities For Little Ones

Teach your children about the ocean with these different seaside activities. Free printables and instructions will get you and your child started.
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Nothing can beat playing under the warmth of the sun or splashing your siblings at the beach. The following article shares seaside activities to teach your little ones about the ocean.

Florida Panhandle has a set of sea-themed activities for kids (and parents!) who are missing the warmth of the summer sun during these chilly fall days. The following worksheets are handy to pull out when you need something to occupy the kids when you need to finish up a few chores around the house or they’re just bored.

We have a few activities below so you can see what your child may like.

Seek The Ocean Friend Pattern

Preschoolers will be dazzled by seaside activities that focus on finding Ocean Patterns.

Young kids are great at finding patterns. For example, organizing their toys by color or size is a way they practice their patterning skills. Comprehending patterns is an important skill to use in math, science, art, and music. 

Give them a pair of safety scissors (or cut the pieces out for them) and let them figure out what comes next.

seaside activities - ocean patterns
Download your free copy here.

Strange Day At Sea

Mad libs are a longstanding kids game for a reason. They’re easy to do, they’re fun, and you can do them more than once to get funny endings.

Mad libs, or fill-in-the-blank stories, are also great ways for kids to practice different parts of speech.

First, ask your kids to give you word suggestions to fill out the empty parts of the story. Then, read the story back to them to hear the outrageous tale they’ve pieced together.

You can also challenge their creative writing and critical reading skills by asking them to replace the words with ones that make more sense. This One Wacky Day At Sea is one example of how our seaside activities can be played over and over again. 

seaside activities - strange day at sea
Download your free copy here.

Sea Creature Observation

Older kids are going to get the most out of this seaside activity.

You’ll need to find aquariums that offer live streams of their tanks. The Monterey Bay Aquarium and Aquarium of the Pacific are two great places that offer live streams. Next, you’ll need to go over each part of the worksheet.

The goal of this activity is for kids to practice their observational skills like a scientist would when they’re out in the field.

First, practice observation. Encourage your child to pay close attention to things beyond animal color and shape. For example, see where the ocean animals are gathered. Are they near the light? Near other animals?

Next, they’ll need to come up with any questions they have based on their observations.

After that, they’ll write what they think the answers to their questions are in the “predictions” section.

Finally, they’ll come up with ways they could find these answers. These could be longer observations, experiments, interviewing scientists, reading a book, and much more.

To take it a step further by encouraging them to pursue one of the ways they feel they could find answers to their questions!

seaside activities - ocean observations
Download your free copy here.


These are just a few fun seaside activities you can do at home with the kids to teach the ocean.

Interested in activities that help kids develop new skills? Check out these exciting ways for your kids to practice their improv.

Special thanks to guest blogger Jessica Santos from Siege Media for writing this article for The Ruthless Crafter.

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