It’s Not Fall Without A Crochet Turkey Beanie

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The days are cooler and the turkey is gobbling in the background. Get ready for Thanksgiving by making a turkey hat from my popular crochet pattern.
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Well, gobble gobble, what do we have here? A crochet turkey beanie pattern that’s plain peck-tacular! Why stick with the boring beanies when you can tip your hat to this Thanksgiving turkey?

Now, let’s talk turkey. This is more than just an accessory to wear while carving the bird. It’s the ultimate head-turner. Imagine, you walking into the room, everyone breaks into grins. Your hat, a crafted turkey, perched proudly atop your head.

It’s Time To Butter Up Your Crochet Hooks

Here’s the skinny. The crochet turkey beanie pattern is digital, making it a gravy boat full of creativity awaiting your click. Instant download? Oh, yes, my friend! No sooner have you said “pumpkin pie” and the pattern will peep out from your email.

The pattern is written in English using U.S. crochet terms. It includes instructions to make the beanie hat shell, the face details such as the eyes, beak, and wattle, plus the fan of feathers. Sizes for children ranging from toddlers to children and tweens.

Let’s raise our crochet hooks to the artisan that is you. Because when you’re done with this hat, not only will you wear your Turkey triumph, but you can also sell it. Yes, that’s right! Spread the Turkey love far and wide, just remember to credit me, your stitching sage.

The result? A fun-filled expedition of loops, threads, and unbeatable turkey sass.

Whip Up A Novelty Turkey Hat Fit For A Feast

If you are ready to strut your stuff with a turkey hat, this pattern is for you. And here’s a secret – every hat you create will be a fan-tail of joy.

There’s nothing left to do but tuck in. Enjoy crafting a truly top-notch turkey. Your holidays will thank you, and the mirror will say, “Hey there, turkey top, looking sharp!”

So, without further ado, it’s time to turn your Thanksgiving turkey hat dream into a reality! Don’t let the puns fool you, we’re serious about the fun to be had here. Who knew Thanksgiving could get any cozier?

Can’t you imagine how adorable your littles will be flapping around the family table wearing this turkey beanie?

And it doesn’t just stop at Thanksgiving, it could also be used for Christmas or any meal where the turkey appears.

Don’t Crochet?

No problem! We sell ready-made crochet turkey hats available in the shop.

crochet turkey hat modeled on a child

This post was originally published on October 2, 2019.

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