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Velvet Rainbow Rocket
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Rainbow Floating Bubbles

Playful Character Hat Designer Unveils Newest Collection

All-new ready-to-wear unicorn headwear, knit & crochet patterns, and children’s books create a magical experience for children everywhere

KITCHENER, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 8, 2019 — Breakout designer, Elizabeth Ruth, showcases her punchy humour as she encourages fans to show their inner unicorn to the world.

The Ruthless Crafter is known for helping her fans express their playful side, and this collection does not disappoint.

Set to launch on November 10, 2019, the Always Be A Unicorn Collection consists of ready-to-wear playful unicorn hats and headband & scarf sets, fun crochet and knit patterns, and delightful children’s books that tell each character’s story.

The designs range from understated to three-dimensional characters that are sure to delight to all who wear them.

Confident beginners in either knit or crochet will be able to follow the patterns and apply their design choices as they customize their unicorns.

“I can’t wait to see all the amazing interpretations creators will make with their colour choices. I make the original designs but the real fun begins when I see how unique each individual unicorn is after it comes to life,” Elizabeth Ruth, founder & designer.

The Always Be A Unicorn Collection is a combination of unicorn headwear and coordinating character books that take children on an adventure. Not only can they learn more about the story behind who they are wearing, but they can act out the story by using the hat as a puppet or as a costume to become the character themselves.

Elizabeth is delighted to present the Always Be A Unicorn Collection and wishes all makers, wearers, and readers have as much fun with the characters as she had creating them.

About The Ruthless Crafter

Elizabeth is known for using bursts of colour in her creations and her patterns are perfect for knitters and crocheters seeking to create whimsical pieces. Each of her original characters has their very own story. The coordinating hat can be used as a puppet to act out the story or as a costume where the wearer can become the character. Playing out the story encourages both imaginative play and literacy.

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