always be a unicorn collection

🦄 handmade hats ready to ship in sizes toddler, child, teen & adult

🦄 knit & crochet patterns

🦄 plus children’s books with 2 activities and the full knit & crochet patterns

The Collection Leaves February 28th

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velvet rainbow rocket

Not big on hats? This headband and scarf set add extra warmth with the cabled design.

Velvet’s story explores her being a shy unicorn who discovers the beauty of her cabled mane. 

velvet to the rescue - unicorn story book featured image
rainbow and the rapids children stories - featured image

rainbow floating bubbles

The Mountain River white water rafting tournament is coming up shortly and Rainbow is very focused on winning. Will her desire to win get in the way of friendship?

Looking for a statement piece? This adorable 3-dimensional hat and free-flowing mane is sure to please any unicorn lover.

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always be a unicorn - image 3

cherry sugar sprinkles

Cherry is the most subtle design with a colourwork unicorn design for the more timid character hat wearer.

Cherry is a young farmer finds her cherry crop missing. Her search teaches the unicorns a valuable lesson in sharing with others.

cherry and the monster unicorn quest book - featured image

Our Hats

The Ruthless Crafter began with a love of having fun and a desire to make the ordinary extraordinary. 

Each original character hat and their stories have been developed to promote imaginative play. 

More than just a warm accessory or a fashion statement, our whimsical creations are also puppets or costumes where wearers can become the character.

Each character hat is handmade with love in Canada.

We want you to be absolutely happy with your purchase, so before you order, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for up-to-date order timelines and other information you need to know.

Ready To Wear

The Ruthless Crafter’s character hats are made with originality, quality materials, and crazy attention to detail.

make your own

We strive to make both the process of making a hat and wearing it as magical as possible. After all, our purpose is to help you to express your playful side!

ignite your imagination

Our characters each have their own personality, so of course they have a story to share!

When you read the story with your little one, they can use the hat as a puppet or prop to act out the story – or it can be a costume to transform your little one into their fave character.

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